About Me

Hand-stitching a bridal gown at work (:

Hey there! Welcome to my blog, 
Sewn or Something!

I'm a 20-something gal following my dreams in dressmaking, who loves pizza but is baffled by my salad craving, reads comics and fantasy novels, is usually heard singing songs from Oklahoma!, listens to rock 'n roll, and can't live without color in my hair. 

Sewn or Something began as a way to chronicle my journey through the vast world of sewing.
In most of my posts, I try to identify a newly acquired skill & show my "hiccups" (no one is perfect!).
Sewing has taught me so much patience, creativity, and self-love!

Please, make yourself at home, don't be afraid to comment! I love feedback. If you don't sew already, hopefully you'll become inspired to give it a try ;)