Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Butterick 5813 Trouble

Hey there Friends :)

So, when I should be finishing up one project I decide to pick up another!
I've been dyyyyyyying to make Butterick 5813 in version C. Now, I wonder what I chose that style.... ;)
Photo from

I can't wait to make this style!
photo from
Anyways, I spent forever and a day obsessively cutting out the pieces and adding my tailors tacks all over the place. This afternoon, I decided it's time to start stitching. Except, I only made it a few steps before I ran into a little bump. Normally, I'd be too embarrassed to admit that I'm struggling (it's the noob in me), but today I'm in the mood to learn, so I thought I'd come to you guys.

In version C (full skirt), you'll notice the verticle pieces on the side of the bodice front. I've basted them in place, but, at the pivot point, I'm bunching pretty badly.

Pivot point is suuuuper bunchy :/

Another view
But on a side note....isn't this fabric awesome? I'm totally on a daisy kick, aren't I?

Basting stitches
In the photo directly above, it's hard to see, but dead center is the pivot looks like crud! :(
Anyways, I was wondering if you have any tips for little things like this, or maybe my fingers are just spaghetti. In the mean time I'm just going to do some homework. Sometimes I just need to set it down and reset my approach.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions & tips :)

Monday, August 19, 2013

The Daisy Dress is Still in Progress

The Daisy Dress has made some progress since I last posted. I actually hemmed it and wore it out for a test run. I do that with just about every dress I make.

Changes I've Made:
-Added white grosgrain ribbon to the hem
-Appliqued a small cluster of daisies to hem

Changes I Need to Make:
-Straps need to be taken up 1/2"
-Sweetheart neckline needs to be stabilized somehow (I've got an idea mapped out)
-Take in side seams
-Lower dart points, but deepen them at the waist
-Lengthen bodice
-Add more daisies
I think it's coming along swell! ;)
It may be hard to see here, but I've learned that I've been bringing my
 waist dart points up WAY too high. I'm getting a pancake effect..No bueno! 

In regards to my pattern, it's the same one I used to create my blue daisy top here [x]. I did modify the pattern from that project by shortening the straps, widening them in order to cover more of my chest and create a more squared effect (sorry if that doesn't make sense! In short, the straps were to skinny where they connected with the bodice front and showed too much skin in the chest region).

Welp, I guess it's time to get down and dirty with the next phase of this project!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Learning to Like Yellow


Yellow is a difficult color for me. I find myself naturally attracted to it, but aesthetically repulsed.
Alright, repulsed it the wrong word completely, but I'm having one of those "for lack of a better word" moments.
Yellow is bright, cheerful, happy, whimsical, and fresh. Yet, to me, it is also too bright, preppy, dated, and maybe a tad bit juvenile. Clearly, I've had a strange relationship with this color. While in Santa Cruz, I picked up a cropped cardigan from one of the thrift stores: a simple yellow knit with a crocheted back. It's slowly getting me to lighten up and enjoy it.

What I want to show you today is my current project, which doubles at my current attempt at learning to love yellow.

My idea for this dress was actually sparked listening to Azealia Banks one night. I think she's super rad all around: Her style, her voice, & her music. I was laying there bouncing my head, listening to her and sketching when I started thinking about how gorgeous she would look in yellow. & I admit, I began to get a lil' jelly.

Originally, this design started out as a boat neck, but I still want to perfect my sweetheart bodice top pattern, so I used that instead of drafting a new one. I'll get to the boat neck one day.
Because I wasn't sure if this dress would turn out, and because of my hesitation with yellow, I bought some cheap cotton broadcloth for this project.

Now, technically, all I need to finish on this dress is the hem. But after sleeping on it last night, I've decided to do some additional designing near the hem.

Here's what I've got so far (No laughing it's an odd work in progress!!):

disregard the daisies..

Bodice Back

Not my best lapped zipper..
I don't recall this zipper being as tricky last time, I'll probably end up taking it out and redoing it, but for the sake of fit, I've left it in for now. Speaking of fit, the only places that need adjustments are the darts at the waist by 1/4" or even 1/2" if I wanted a tight fit.

Well, here's what I've been working on for the last week...and it's still going! I probably would have finished it on my day off, but I had house guests for the last few days and there is not a lot of room to sew and entertain haha!
I hope everyone is having a lovely week! Now, I'm off to find some trim, and breakfast!