Friday, July 19, 2013


Hi there, everyone!
July has been a pretty busy one for me. Between work and family, I've found myself spread on the thinner side.
That being said, I decided to approach Wednesday with more relaxed vibe.
I altered a Butterick pattern a few days ago and decided to test it out.

I look so much like my mother here!
The fabric I chose was navy blue with daisies. I'd been eyeing this one for a few months, but waiting for the right project to justify buying it. It's a very soft, vintage cotton. I wish I could date it. The women who work at the shop wouldn't know due to a lot of the fabrics having been in stock well before they began working there. Normar Fabrics opened in the 1950's!

For the lining, I implemented the lightweight muslin I had actually used to test out my pattern. It's nice and soft and breezy.

I used a pale yellow invisible zipper down center back

I've noticed recently that I'm very attracted to blues. It's a very chic, versatile color that goes well with my love of pinks and purples! Besides blue, I'm always looking for great crop tops. Unfortunately, and my fellow buxom babes know too, there aren't many on the market that are cute, affordable and made to fit a C cup or larger (I myself am a DD!)

Grabbing a bite of breakfast at a local favorite! Sweetie Pies Bakery.

I love it paired with this simple stretch jersey skirt and vintage crinoline! 

Paired with a cotton jersey pencil skirt. I was on my way to buy the computer I'm typing on now ;)

This was a GREAT little project. I came out of this learning three things:
1) Zipper needs to go from the bottom up in order for it to fit over your head.
2) I am not a size 14 as far as strap length goes.
3) Next time I'll understitch the straps as the lining peeks out a bit.

It's always nice to be able to finish a project and immediately see where your skills and problem solving are improving/need improvement!

Now, the question remains, should I make a matching pair of pants or a gathered skirt?
Decisions, decision!


  1. Oh i can imagine these in pedal pusher type pants... or a nice swishy skirt! I say make both!
    Lovely top either way!

    1. I am definitely leaning towards the pedal pusher/cigarette type! I'm just not sure I can pull it off haha