Monday, June 3, 2013

Crazy May

I've been quite bad about updating here, but it isn't without wanting! May was a terribly crazy month, between the research papers, mini papers, finals and my freelance job and my two real jobs, I haven't had much time to update, let alone sew a dress to update you all with! The deadline for my freelance job is looming overhead, and very soon I'll be updating you all with lovely creations. I'm DYING to make myself something.

This month my boyfriend and I are celebrating 5 years together. In commemoration, I decided to be a regular Jolene and take a regular 5-day work week so we could spend two days in Santa Cruz. I'll take lots of pictures and post them next week! My boss told me about all these lovely vintage shops, so hopefully I'll bring home a few treasures too!

I do have a few updates to share...first of all:
I've a car again!

Can't wait to take her down to Santa Cruz!
Isn't she all pretty? She doesn't have a name yet...but I loooove driving with the top down!
It's also given me the chance to develop a new skill...driving manually!

And this is my little munchkin getting her grubby little paws all over my freshly clean interior.

This store opened its doors during the 1950's! Most of the stock in here is vintage!
Also, lets appreciate the carpet for a second.

It's been crazy down at the dress shop with 8th grade graduation dresses & prom, I've had to go to this little fabric store so often, they never look surprised to see me walk in for trim, ribbon & chiffon! I wanted to share this outfit though, it's one of my favorites for when I'm not feeling like sporting my retro wardrobe. Also, THAT HAT. And yes, I prefer to use post it notes versus an app. What can I say? I enjoy tradition :P

"Sweetie" dress by Heartbreaker Fashion
So, I wanted to share my new favorite dress with you. Unfortunately, not made by myself but nonetheless fabulous! I wandered into Wildcat last month and began trying on dresses for the heck of it. Not being able to sew anything for myself without feeling guilty for the last 2 months has been torture! Anywhos, this was the last dress I tried on. I used to LOVE leopard print. It's feminine, yet edgy and super sexy. I'm not sure why I stopped sporting it, possibly because I over did I do with cookies....and chicken pot pie...and brie and crackers...oh heck, I'll always love those.
Once I put this dress on, I knew I couldn't leave the store without it. When I got home, I looked up the brand and fell in love! Heartbreaker Fashion was started by a mother and daughter in 2005. I was pleased to see that this dress is available in other prints! I was also pleased to read that their garments are made to order, by hand. That's definitely a concept I'm happy to support.

The dress itself has a rouched sweetheart neckline with halter straps. Constructed with princess seams through the body, this dress has a gorgeous full skirt that looks amazing with a crinoline. I enjoy wearing it without one though, paired with some gold sandals. I'll definitely be getting a lot of wear out of this baby all summer long ;) I'll update this post with a full length photo of the dress too, I've not had time to take one with  decent lighting!

Well, that's all for now folks! Check back again soon for photos from my trip & the beginnings of a new dress :)

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