Monday, April 28, 2014

Simplicity 1459 Muslin

Hi there! So, I've been a little down in the dumps in regards to my sewing. Not because I felt like I couldn't sew, I've actually felt good about my abilities and have enjoyed taking my time on my current project.
What I'm really upset about is my weight gain. It's silly, to be so upset  over it to the point that I've actually been turned off to sewing anything because I keep telling myself I'll be losing weight in the next few months. 

I began the muslin for my Easter dress at a size 14. I've never sewn anything with a collar or placket, I wanted to do a practice run first. The last dress I made was a Simplicity, so I figured I'd follow suit and make this one in a 14 also. Well, That one didn't even close over my bust. No big deal, so I started a 16 with a sun-streaked quilting cotton from my stash. Long story short, this one is still a bit small in the bust and I got discouraged and had run out of time to make the dress for Easter.
Here's my progress, I'm thinking about turning this one into a a sleeveless peplum top. I need more blouses anyways.

Any tips on keeping the collar down a little flatter around the back of the neck? I'm wondering if I increase the seam allowance on the collar piece that it would lay flatter.

Check out that edge stitching! Pretty good, if I do say so myself...I ran out of interfacing, so it's unlined, but for the muslin, I think it will be fine. I was playing with the idea of using frog enclosures on it so I wouldn't have to worry about the buttons being too tight over the bust. 

I've been doing some lurking lately, and there as some really inspiring projects being posted! As soon as my boyfriend and I are finished reorganizing the house, I'm going to get going on another one.

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