Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Dress for My Little Sister

Today's post is going to showcase my first attempt at using an adult size pattern for a child...
Nellie Bell's 12th birthday was March 22nd and while trying to figure out what to get her I had a brilliant idea! Why don't I make a dress, I thought. So, I pulled out some fabric, and got down and dirty.

Now, I did take measurements before I started, duh, but to throw her off I took my baby sisters measurements too. Muahahah! She had no idea!

The problem is, I got going on this a little late, so I though, ehh I'll wing it. I'm a little low on funds..damn you parking tickets!...So I decided to re-size a pattern I already had at home and was familiar with. I'm not experienced in altering patterns by such dramatic proportions (My sister is a stick. An actual stick.) so I knew I'd have to do a little altering once the garment was finished but only after I gave it to her. I do a lot of eye balling, but am getting better at just reaching for my tape measure without thinking. Wow, I think I just gave away how lazy I am.

This was the pattern I used (I've used it several times to make my own garments) in version B:

You can purchase this pattern here
My pattern was already cut down to a size 8, so I folded the patterns to make the bust pieces smaller, as well as the torso. Unfortunately, I didn't take a photo of that..I seriously need a little check list of the photos I need to have for each project. But, you know, I'll just forget to write the list too.

This photo isn't helpful in any regard I realize, but I was trying to be all artsy...
Hand stitching a braided pearl trim to the top of the bodice 

Machine appreciation photo! I ran out of white thread well past 8 (when Hancock Fabrics closes, boo) , luckily I had a super pretty sea foam thread that was a nice touch for the hem. 

Here it is for its first fitting!

When Nellie tried the dress on it was clear that the bust was too large and that the straps needed to be moved inwards in front as well as in the back. You can probably see that the gathering in the bust is kinda weird. It's because I pinned it so I knew how far to take it in. The bodice waist fit her perfectly!

What do you think? Overall, I'm super stoked with the way this turned out! The only thing I would change for this project would probably be the scissors I used to cut the pattern pieces. Pinking shears would have been helpful because this particular fabric began to fray a little quickly that my other cottons. I've since made all the adjustments to the dress so its ready to be worn once the weather in town decides to stay sunny.

Although, I'm now itching to take a pattern drafting course to improve my...I won't call the skillz..lets call them..almost skillz. Yeah, I'm ultra creative.

Anyways, I hope you liked this post! I've got more coming :)

Oh! Also, enjoy this photo of me sewing from like...January or something. Also, that's not the sewing machine I use anymore! Check back for an update on the machine front ;)

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