Thursday, April 18, 2013

Treat Yo' Self!

I've got lovely things in the works...but because of my car accident, life and whatnot I'm having a hard time getting everything started or finished! Balancing everything is tricky. That, and sitting in front of my machine doesn't feel so great right now. This laptop should take a bit of the blame. It won't recognize my camera!

I do have a little bit of an update for you though. I saved up my money and a few weeks ago bought...dun dun duuuuun! A new sewing machine!! Whoop, whoop!

Isn't our happy lil family cute?
Don't Lily is too excited about the newest addition to the crew...

I've been looking at a few models online, but I prefer to discuss my potential purchase vs relying solely on reviews from Amazon and other blogs. And that's what I did. The manager at my local Hancock Fabrics was super helpful and actually steered me to a cheaper model than the one I was contemplating. I ended up purchasing the Brother SC9500 instead of the Janome 8050. I had read awesome things about both brands, but this particular Brother model was $50 less and came with almost double the amount of stitch capabilities and other fantastic essentials. I just needed something a bit more intermediate, but I kinda like that this one has a few bells and whistles ;)

Photo courtesy of Photobooth on my slowly dying Macbook lol. I love that the stitch guide is purple and lavender!!

So, now that I've bragged about that, I wanted to show off my new patterns! (I've since gotten more...someone stop me!)

I waited just about all of March for the Butterick patterns to go on sale for 99 cents a piece. That's just about the only time I purchase patterns (yaay living on a budget!) so I usually grab as many as the store will allow. This time I only picked up five, but that's okay 'cause I've given myself a ton of projects.

My sewing has greatly improved over the last few months! I've also seen a change in my work ethic, which is always fantastic. While I am starting to use techniques that adds more work to a garment I'm finding that I love the process! Its really encouraging to see your hard work propel growth, especially when you're passionate about the project (:

One more thing before i go. I wanted to share this little video I found while going through Rochelle's blog Lucky Lucille:


Its a little long, but its fun to watch. I love being able to see how home sewn garments were prepared and constructed in the 40's!

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you got a kick out of the video! I'll be posting again soon!

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