Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day & Completed Butterick B5748

Happy Earth Day!
In observance of Earth Day, last Saturday our town held a small fair consisting of local businesses who offer "green" services. I actually work for a certified green business! Betty's Girl Boutique is a collection of redesigned vintage and recycled garments. I had been eagerly awaiting this day since February, so Friday night I hardly slept a wink I was so excited. That, and I was trying to finish a new dress in time...that didn't really I decided to wear my Butterick B5748 with a petticoat underneath the show you just how fabulous that skirt looks in all its voluptuous glory!

Our booth!
Our intern, Mariah!
My bestie/hair stylist ;)  came downtown with her boyfriend to visit!
It was sooo fun! I met a lot of locals who drive by the shop but haven't actually been inside. It was an awesome opportunity to let them know what it is that we do and how we can help them out with their next summer dress, prom dress, graduation dress....themed event...we do it all!

Check out this little cutie and her pretty dress!
She gave me the silliest smirk after that bite of ice cream. Adorable.
Oh it was such a fun day! And yes, I burned pretty badly. My arms and shoulders are bright red even though  I used sunscreen multiple times and carried that parasol all day. I just don't do sun!
I think my Butterick dress turned out great! I figured out that my minimizer bra reduces the tension on the center back seam of the dress, that and I somehow lost 4 lb's in a week... I'm kind of a stressball lately and sewing is the only thing that's keeping my sanity. I may add the bows to the front and back like the pattern pictured, but I like it the way it is.

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