Sunday, April 21, 2013

Bodega Bay

This week has been a pretty fun one. Which I really needed after the stress of my accident and constantly going to the chiropractor and doctor. One of my younger sisters is home from school for the week (she's actually going back today :( sad, sad) and we wanted to try and camp for a few days. Well, with my neck and back being cranky all the time, I couldn't really camp. Instead we decided to head out to Bodega Bay on Tuesday. It was so fantastic to lay in the sand and just listen to the ocean.

We've been going to Doran Beach since I was a wee lass. Isn't it beautiful?

Almost the entire family! I've got one other sister living out in SLC right now.
And as promised, here is the finished Butterick B5748!
Yes...I've had to wear a foam collar for the last few weeks..but it was so hot I kept taking it off...and then putting it back on after 20 minutes. Ohhh so glamorous.
So, you know those songs about the California girls? We all have buttery tan skin? Yeah, that's a liiiieeee. I burn like a lobster. Actually, as I'm typing this now, my arms are bright red and screaming that they hate me after getting burnt to a crisp at Earth Day yesterday.
I was wearing my favorite/only bathing suit under the dress but beaches in Northern California aren't bikini worthy till June. I'm also wearing Layrite in my hair. It was crazy windy! I'm giving that stuff an 8/10 for keeping my bangs in place all day.

After a few hours we saw a ship!

"I'm pretty sure that is a pirate ship!"

"Land ho! Land ho!"

My two youngest sisters

It's somewhat of a tradition to stop in Petaluma after a long day at the beach. We end up at Chicago Pizza Kitchen just about every time. I wish I took photos! Before dinner we stopped in the Thrifty Hippy, a suuper cute thrift store I've never been in before. They had an insane amount of fantastic classic rock records, comics, vintage clothing, jewelry, home decor, accessories, and books!

Too tired to care about my scarf anymore haha

I didn't want to spend too much money, so these are my little finds. A McCall's pattern printed in 1968, vintage fabric, and about 15 different colors of threads for $14! I think I did pretty good :) I would have loooved to buy all the Zeppelin albums though..and that Catwoman comic...and the vintage belt buckle... :P

I'll be heading back out there so I promise I'll take pictures of Petaluma!

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